A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Heroic Jumpers is a 2D jump and run / platformer game. 
You control a character through a level and have to reach the finish. 
There are enemies, but you can jump on them.
Destroy boxes with the ground pound attack and get some food to fill your health.


  • 12 Levels
  • Build your own levels with the level editor.
  • Plugin XBox 360 controllers and play with your friends.
  • Languages: English and German


  • With LibGdx and Box2D in Eclipse IDE.
  • Since September 2016.


  • You can find the controls in the options menu.

Future Plans

  • The game is currently more like a platformer engine. It has no story elements or unique game mechanics. But i have cool plans for that.

Support Us

  • There are already 12 Levels added, but they arent very good  Roll Eyes. Send us your levels and they might be in the next update Cheesy. You can find them under: "C:\Users\**Username**\Documents\Heroic Jumpers" (Windows)
  • Since this game was never been tested on a Mac or Linux, we need such testers. Please send us feedback about how it worked for you.



Heroic Jumpers 0.2.4.jar 30 MB